| Peek into make-up! – NYX |

Since I moved to Denmark I noticed how easy is to buy make-up. It is nicely presented in shops, all testers are clean and shop assistants actually know what they are doing. In simple drug store you can find cheaper, but also much more pricy and professional products.

Today I will take about some goodies from NYX.

First of all, my ultimate favourites. Lip products.
I fell in love with Lingerie because of formula and all the colours there are provided. They are matte and they are incredibly long-stay. I have two colours 02 Embellishment and 09 Corset. I am in desperate need of more!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream was my first liquid matte lipstick ever AND first product I ever got from this company. I love their smell, which is super sweet, they have lower opacity than previous one so it means it is good to use some liner under or work on it a little longer. My first colour was 20 Copenhagen (surprise! ?) and the new one, which is 13 Sydney.

Old-schooled lipsticks are also in my collection. First from Matte Lipstick in colour Natural and second I got from my close friend. They are both good, but still not my type. Summer love I use as lip gloss. I don’t know colour and what line from is the other one.

Powder foundation Stay matte but not flat (loves their names ?) is my summer choice, since they have some darker shades. It is really nice and light weight. Matte is gentle but still it works well. For normal skin type it will be great. I don’t know what colour I got, as you can say the package got a little bad.

I also was able to check their base Shine killer. I use mostly oil under my make-up, but when I know I will be wearing it long time, in nice weather I like to choose something stronger. Best thing about it – it doesn’t clogs my pores! It is nice in touch, almost silky and dry, yet not bad. You don’t need a lot for whole face and it dries on skin pretty fast. It leaves kinda powder feeling. It reduces shining but leaves healthy glow. I like to use Beauty blender to make sure it is pressed into skin.

Time to sum up!

I desire every single colour from Lingerie. They are perfect for every occasion, from shopping to night event. It is first time I see so many nudes shades.
Soft Matte Lip Cream are as good as the previous one, they are a little more transparent but their smell is amazing. They offer more colours than only nudes.
Traditional lipsticks are not for me, they don’t dry completely which may cause some troubles.
Powder and base are worth to try. Check foundation if you have perfect skin or on top of bb cream. Base do a magic trick to keep your make-up as you just put it on.

NYX got me with their lip products, yet still I wish to try their eyeliners and other face products. Right now I am really interested in lip line called Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Ombre Lip Duo. They both look amazing. ?

Do you like NYX? What’s your favourite?

| Redbubble – what is it and how to get some money from it? |

If you have an artistic soul and you don’t mine beiny paid for it, then you should read this post.

Redbubble is a community of creative people, who design and share their projects, which you can buy in many different options – stickers, clothes, home décor etc.. Everyone can join, but only if it own all the rights to designs.

Few years back, when I first started to work on Redbubble you had to collect 15 euro to make sure you will get this money each month through paypal. At this moment there is no longer rule like that. Each month you get paid the amount you collected.

The best way to earn money if to make sure you give your clients goods they need. You choose prices from the ones that Redbubble offers and remember that website will get some percent of it.

I am not only making my own designs but also I am ordering some stickers. I will share my store with you and as soon as I get my order I will share with you my opinion on their quality.



I made my order on 1st May and today, which is 23 th May, I received my stickers.

How did it go?

6 days after I placed my order, it was shipped. I got message in about week I will have my order, but I knew it will take longer. After 18 days I wrote to Redbubble team. I got response within 1,5h, they were sorry that my package didn’t arrive so they decided to send new one. This time it was shipped on the next day. At the end of the e-mail there was a note that in case other package come I should not worry, but share stickers among friends or donate them to charity ? Amazing company!

I have no idea which order came as first, but it doesn’t change it, I am still impressed.

Stickers are printed on nice paper, it reminds me of summer toys which you have to blow, stickers smell exactly the same. They are thick, glue is really strong, but it doesn’t leave any marks. It sticks very well to not so smooth places.

Stickers are slightly matte with white border. About the quality of print, 2 designs came in a little bit worse shape but I am almost sure it is faulty uploaded design.

I ordered 24 stickers.

Total price without discount – 57,20€
With usual discount (buy 4 – 25% off, buy 10 – 50% off) – 28,60€
Extra code 20% off (Redbubble often share some codes) – 22.80€
+ shipping – 2,11€

I was lucky to has extra code this time.

If we don’t think of long shipping, I am really happy. Quality, price and contact with client were really satisfying.

What do you think of my new laptop? ?