| Travel with me – tips on plane & hand luggage |

On Monday I am flying to Poland! Just for a week, yet still I can’t stop smiling. I was flying before, but it was longer trips with extra luggage. This time, since the whole trip is short I decided to grab just small cabin luggage. But how do I pack everything?

The weather is supposed to be amazing, the most basic things (face care products, tooth brush etc.) I will buy when I arrive. Yet still it is good to plan some things. Like outfits. I decided to combine few tops with less bottoms to save some precious space. The heaviest pieces I will be wearing on the plane. As you may know it can get pretty cold on flights.

That’s why I like to put some effort in travel outfit. It must be comfortable since mostly I will be sitting long time and also I like to use some layers in case it gets warmer or colder. T-shirt, hoodie and denim jackets are my go to mix!


Clothes are chosen, times for some beauty products and medicines. Every airline has own rules about taking things through security. But mostly it can’t be bigger than 100 ml in held in transparent bag (20 cm x 20 cm). It is good idea to take medicine on board in case your main luggage get lost.

I am going to take my laptop, Kindle and phone, which means charger will be needed. Always check if you will need some adapters otherwise you might end up on offline vacation! ?

Backpack, bag or suit case? Usually I would go for last option, but since my backpack is square and in size of suit case I will use it. I prefer to have free hands. Remember always to keep documents and money within eye reach! Pickpocketing can happen everywhere!

You will need passport, no matter how hilarious this picture inside is. Everyone tried best, yet still ended up looking like a potato, so don’t be ashamed!

I have always printed my tickets, but this time I decided on electronic version. PassWallet is an app which allows us to organise our tickets, which seems pretty good idea in case there is many people and many flights ahead. Will see how it will do. In case of emergency you can always print ticket in your airlines office at airport.


How to pack to pass through security smoothly?

Put all your clothes, accessories and shoes at the bottom. They can go easly through security, next we will focus on chargers and cords. Pro tip is to packing them in something like makeup bag, so you can easly take them out without stressing. Lastly on top of everthing you should have your electronic devices, at least until security check, after that you can hide it in between clothes. All those steps make security check smooth and stressless, since you can grab all your items within few seconds.


Extra pro tips!

  1. Put on some easy slide on and off shoes. Sometimes security check is picky about shoes.
  2. If it is really warm and your favourite hoodie is heavy, but your luggage is about to reach limit, then simply tie it around your hips. Maybe not so fashionable but at least cheap ?
  3. Chewing gum in your pocket! Because of the pressure on the plane your ears will be popping, at least if you are lucky. Chewing may help, unfortunately my ears are always bad…
  4. Lip balm or anything that can help restore some moisture on your skin will do. Airplane air is dry and so will be your skin.
  5. If you wear sandals remember to pack some fussy socks. You can use them during flight and remove as soon as you land.
  6. Grab some snacks since airplane food is pricy! I was able to get some musli bars through security.