| Make-up I love this summer |

I bet you also don’t like to wear too heavy make-up during hot days which is almost melting of your face. I don’t usually wear anything on my skin, but sometimes I simply am in mood to pimp myself up, and since I am going to the seaside soon where will be hot and colourful it would be a shame not too bring some make-up ?

That’s why I will show you what I like to use during hot summer days when I play in water and sunbath.

Waterproof mascara is obvious. I decided on one which I tried before so I wouldn’t be surprised with quality. I chose long lasting version of my favourite one with argan oil, Wonder`full Waterproof Mascara from Rimmel London. The brush is a little too big to go fast through my thick lashes but with a little bit time and love they look amazing and are non smudgeable. Let’s leave the panda look for Halloween ?

Brow products are the biggest part of my cosmetics. Gels, pomades, crayons, masacaras and markers. I have few of favourites which will hold even worst moments and give you natural or more dramatic look. But since it is all about me and travelling I focused on those which are travel friendly.

Favourite off all the time, marker Catrice Cosmetics Longlasting brow definer. The most longlasting product I own. I feel like if you put it on skin it almost go into it. Precise, doesn’t try in marker, easy to apply. I will buy more!
A bit less lasting are crayons I have. One from Golden Rose Longstay Precise browliner, precise and has a spooly to brush and soften look. Second one is jest Twist and shape from W7, which is different from previous because of the shape of product.
I have also something for those thick brows owners. Tinted mascaras are great for holding hairs in place and fill spots. I like two, Golden RoseBrow Color tinted eyebrow mascara which is in travel friendly sized and perfect spooly, and The queen of brows majestic brow mascara from W7, which is twice bigger than the other one.

Now let’s talk about some extra pop of colour.

I like two lip products, one which is extremely long lasting, even to 13 hours! Lip marker ultra lasting color from Golden Rose is the most amazing lip product I used in long time. It is almost like a tattoo on your lips, the only thing I wish would be different is the variety of colours. Right now they are really similar. If you look for bright, almost tattoo like product, which is really light weight you should go for it!
Second one can be used also like cream blush for those cheeks. Baby lips color balm crayon with moisturizing oils from Maybelline New York is great to keep those lips moisturize and with pop of colour, not the most long lasting, but really nice.

Time for eyes! I try to avoid foundation and bb creams in summer, but if you like to put some eyeshadow I think I may have something great. Color tattoo 24hr from Maybelline New York is great alternative for those nude pallets you have. Small jar of colour which you can apply with finger and brush with great coverage and matte finish. Water will not smudge it, it doesn’t roll into crease so they are great for warm days.

Last product I really like is a highlighter for face and body. I chose to take with me Shimmering Skin Perfector from BECCA. Nice glow, which you can build up and apply with fingers, easy to blend, package safe to travel with.

I am taking all those product with me. Do you have favourites like that? Or maybe you got interested in one of mine? ?