| Little bit about Danish classes |

When you decided to study aboard you have to focus on much more things than only your programme. Study aboard is about new culture, new places and sometimes new language. Last thing is really important if you are thinking about staying in new country for longer period of time.

I started to learn Danish few years back, but lack of motivation took over and I failed. I got back on track 5 years later.

My school offers Danish courses for new students. We don’t pay for it and it covers 200 hours of basic class with exam and then more advance programme. Here is the leaflet.

Danes are really happy to see students from different countires in their country and they are even more happy when they decided to stay here. Free language course is like a “welcoming gift”.

I have classes twice a week, each of them takes 2 hours. I started in February and somewhere around December I have exam. That’s the period which should take 200 hours.

Teams are pretty small, about 18 people and it is one huge mix of people and things we are doing. We got free books and online exercises where we have to log in.

How the lesson look like?

Each meeting containes few points, which Mette, our teacher writes down. Yes, we do call teachers by name in Denmark. We start with repetition and then we dive into new things. Listening, writing and talking, which usually makes us laugh. We are lucky team, since our teacher not only speaks a lot in Danish, but she also makes games for us. If you think games are useless then you are wrong. There is nothing better than competition with your teammates, and winning! That’s why we love Kahoot!

I didn’t know what is it before and now I can’t imagine classes without it. Kahoot! is a quiz “online”, made by one person (teacher, dah!) which shares a code to game. We make our profile simply by putting a name and we wait for a start.

Questions are in Danish and so are the answers. The winner needs to not only be correct as many times as possible, but also the fastest. At the end you will see podium with name of 3 best players and their points. Each of us sit impatient for 2 hours or sobs in silence if Kahoot! is not there this day.

At this point I can say that Danish is not so hard for me if we ignore how to pronounce words. I feel like it is so random that sometimes you can just connect spoken word with written. At the beginning everyone is scared of speaking, but the way our teacher behaves just make it a lot easier. If someone laughs of your mistake, you will laugh too. We don’t feel humiliated. And if you didn’t get what you are supposed to do for the next few minutes, don’t worry. She will repeat it again.

Writing is pretty okay, grammar is not surprising so far. Of course I learn quiet a lot of words through Duolingo.

Tell me if you want some link for Danish Kahoot! 😉

| Project 1.1 – our first task |

How does it look in BAAA? What is the most important and how do we work? If you are curious, then check it out!

After first study month in Business Academy Aarhus we got our first project. We were supposed to make microsite for travel agency which offer travels out of Europe and making a new destination or type of holiday.
We were divided in groups with 4 people in. My team was made depending on our personality test results and to complete the task we had 2 weeks. In our project we had all 4 subjects: Communication, Business, Interaction and Design. All of them had the same amount of input in whole task. How did we start?
We work with something called BabScrum. It is a way of working on projects in teams. It is all about standing meeting where you say what did you manage to do day before, choosing new daily workpackage where all things should be able to be completed in one day and having discussion and the end how did we do this day. It helped us a lot.
We work with app called Badecamp which helps us to organise our whole work, files and share them with team. You can make there to-do lists and events. Fast and easy.
The most important thing was to work as a team and not as a group. Team Rocket, us, worked perfectly fine! There were no stressing days, we laughed a lot and if not our “loose” days we would be able to hand in our result days before deadline.


That’s how we worked and our result!

Our site!

| What does make me feel tired of Denmark? |

All posts before I was praising Denmark. But there is not such a thing like ideal place to live. Today I will share my nays about Denmark. If you don’t like this kind of post then feel free to come back on Monday for something new!

If you decided to stay with me it means you like to be grumpy as well 😉
So let’s start, shall we?

The weather is killing me!

I wouldn’t mind if it was cold all the time ( I probably would… ). But if you leave on morning in lovely sunshine, by the afternoon it’s rainy and on the evening you come back looking like the snowman then there is something really wrong! Following weather forecast will change nothing!
-5ºC may be warmer than 10ºC, simply because of the wind which goes straight through your clothes.


Okay, you can easly just order some warm jacket if you are in lack of time.


I might get used to that package is delivered to my hands, the deliver person is calling to make sure I am home and things like that. Here they don’t!
There are not many options to choose the way of delivery. Also there is no way of contact with the person! So if you are working, and your package decide to come at this time you will receive a note with unfortunately delivery try…  Remember that you have 3 chances of getting it otherwise it will be send where it came from, so if you deliver person choose always the same time, you may have problem. Or! You can try to change it to pick it up from warehouse which is just 20 km away from you! Good luck!

Everything is so obvious.

As a not-Danish person I had to deal with some documents. I would be more than happy if they would be explained well or at least in English translation, come on!

Tax will cover it!

Taxes here cover quite a lot of things, but… If you got to free doctor (which is normal) and then you will not know that you don’t need a sick leave note, you just gonna spend some extra money. Since here you just need to call sick in work and that’s all!

Jeg snakker dansk!

Danish. Beautiful language… But whoever thought about making half of the letter in word silent, had definitely some problem. In polish we do have alike things, but it’s more like 2 letters make new sounds, example – our cz is like English ch in word check. But not in Danish! If you want to wish someone a happy birthday you just simply say Tillykke med fødselsdag! which I am not even sure how to describe in English.
Phew! I feel much better now. This post was made to let me grumpiness go away, so feel free to grumpin the comments 😉

| How to pimp up your room? |

If you also loved teddy bears when you were 7 and your whole room was covered in them including wallpaper and then you got stucked with it for next 10 years then this post will be perfect for you!

The teddy bear joke is not so much a joke, since it happened to me. Well, maybe not for 10 years but at least few. I hope you get the point that I wasn’t able to renovate my room so often whenever I changed my favourite colour. Still, sometimes I do liked to change few things around and since spring is coming (Or is there already? It’s hard to tell in Denmark, second winter over here!) I thought it’s perfect time for that.
The heart of a bedroom is always bed. It grabs all attention. There are so many different bed sheets and blankets which you can change often and with that, change the look of room. You can go minimalistic or all the way into rich colours. It’s good idea to show main theme on the bed, since it should be the biggest place for that. Choosing one colour and using it on the bed will help you keep everything together.
This solution is perfect for every small room owner. Mirror – it’s not only making your room look bigger, but also brighter and full of charm. There are many shapes which you can look for and also way of installing them (hanging on doors, sticking with tape or just wall hanging). So many options, why not to try. Also it’s better to take selfie in own room than bathroom 😉
Sometimes less is more. Frames, decorations and plants may look great but also give the feeling of cluttered room. You don’t have to say no to all of them. Use some twine to hang photos on, this was you can have more of them but simple look will not make them look messy. Think about place where you put figures and other decorations, if you put them in the same spot they will look more organised and put together than all over the room. Plants – we all love them, try to use alike looking pots and vases it will have the same impression as decorations in one place.
Lights will make your room look more cosy. You can find many different kinds, some of them use batteries as source of power. Lack of power will never bother you with them.
Do not hoard! I am not person who will save thing for better future, but I do know people like that 😉
Things which have some sentimental value you should keep. But if they are not fitting in your new style of room just get some baskets and boxes which do and store all things inside. Boxes looks organised and what’s in, it’s in 😉
About the things which you don’t even know how did they end up at you, they collect dust and you don’t even know what to do with them – give away, sell or throw away! You don’t need them.


Yeah, that’s cool, but what if the furniture is not looking the best? Think if you can pain it, tape it or simply fix broken parts. It will cost you a little money and time but not as much as getting new things.
If you have more furniture that you need you can sell them or give away. It works both way, try to look for local Facebook groups. You may find some cool treasures! 😉
That’s all for today. Tag me on photos of your bedroom on Instagram!

| How to be productive? |

If you know how to organize your work and collect materials for it you are almost there. But you also need proper atmosphere otherwise nothing will happen. So how do you become more productive?

I think of myself as a nicely organised person who usually starts and ends assignment. But sometimes I am also not in mood and then I am getting easly distracted, I check too many youtube videos or I decide to take amazing nap in middle of the day. How to stop it?
First of all choose proper place to work. It needs to be place where you are not getting unfocused. I have two spots like that. My bed, wchich is really poor choice, and my kitchen table if the deadline is really close.
Why is bed a bad choice? Usually people say it’s not good idea to work where you sleep. In middle of work on your bed you will get sleepy and it’s really to fall asleep. Also it works the other way, if you spend whole day working from your bed, when you will have to sleep you will still think of work. I used to work from my bed for 4 years because I didn’t have desk in room. Make sure to check which option is best for you.
My week looks like that. I have about 4 days of school days, 1 study day where I am allowed to stay home and weekend. Ideal plan of the free days is to do as many things as you can. But it is theory… How does it really look?
On morning I will make a list of things I need to make during the day. This way I will see all my goals, how many things I have to do and how long it should take. I like to make it really detailed, so I can start to cross things out fast. It keeps me motivated.
The least distraction the better. Try to work in clean and organised room. This way you will have to focus on your assignment.
Grab something to drink and snack on before you start. So in case you will feel in need of it you will not have to take it later and in accident get lost for few hours 😉
If you can work from home make sure to do it the best way. Change into comfortable clothes so you don’t have to squeeze in fashionable pants. Fuzzy socks and oversized sweater is a must have 🙂
Try to think if you prefer work in silence or with some kind of noise in the background. Personally, I prefer to work with music, tv show or something else. I try to avoid conversation. But if there is too quiet around me I am easly getting lost in thoughts.
My favourite things from those I mentioned are list and comfy clothes. This way I feel I have things to do but I am not getting stressed.
Do you have any other ideas?

| Relaxation course |

Welcome, my dear Readers, today I have for you my mini relaxation course.

All exercise in this post will be easy, but still, You will need a lot of power and self-denial, are you ready?
Look around you, what do you see? If you can’t spot harmony (this one chair with more clothes than a wardrobe, whole crockery in colors and bed, which was passed by hurricane) then know, you will not relax. As soon as you can clean everything what is not on its place.
I believe you are warmed up but still try to stretch a little. Exercises are good for body and if you have something to do it will help you move it away in time 😉
Now, when your aura is clear, body and mind are one, go to your kitchen and look for something good. You deserve it. Enjoy it.
I bet you feel already much better, but we are only halfway through. Time for cleanse. Literally. Take a hot bath or nice shower. Massage in all your favourite oils or just wait until there is no warm water left 😉
We are almost at the end. There are only few things left. Choose your way. Book or screen. Don’t rush, let yourself make good choice.
Last thing is an atmosphere. Turn on radio if it calms you down. Jump into bed or under a blanket. Now it’s time for the hardest task. Turn off all notifications, put your phone into silence. Focus on one thing and relax.
Today’s post is a bit different but I wasn’t in mood to put all ideas in numbers. Also for past 2 days I was working in Photoshop on my assigments, fighting with color pallets and try not to go crazy. Also I was wasting my time in between. Do you also find relaxing so difficult? 🙂

| 2 years of blog! |

It has been two years since I started this site. Thank you for reading my posts from the very beginning.

I organised a contest, but since I am still a little student, it’s only for my polish readers 🙁
Still I would like to thank You, if you decided to read my blog, even though I started recently to write in English. I do appreciate every single feedback I get. In future I would like to be more open for Danish readers like also other countries, but right now I need to focus on smaller groups.
I hope you don’t mind it and you will still visit my blog. I will keep you updated with all news through my Facebook Fanpage. Also It’s good idea to sign up for a Newsletter so you will not any post about other contests open for other countries 😉



| 7 ways to make your mornings even better |

Do you know this feeling, when you wake up, sun is shining, birds are singing and from kitchen you can smell wonderful coffee and breakfast? No? Then this post is perfect for you!

We already find out what is the problem, now let’s see what we can do about it. That’s just few of my ideas.

        1. Prepare clothes evening before

I know, I know, it sounds like something our mothers used to say everyday, but believe me it helps a lot. Dear ladies, how often you had idea for an outfit, you put it on and it was totally fail? Then you look for something as fast as you can and the next thing you know you are running late. You could easly avoid it by trying outfit the night before and making sure you look on point 😉

        2. Pack everything you need evening before

Same thing as in first point. Less stress, smaller chance than we will forget about something. But I know that sometimes we are lazy, still, I have got idea! Simply put everything you need on small sticky note and put somewhere where you will see it on morning, this way you will not forget about anything.

        3. Prepare lunch evening before

To make sure you save some time, just do it day before. This way you have much more time to make nice breakfast to eat on morning and enjoy it without stressing about time. Just make sure you will put your lunch in bag as soon as you step in the kitchen.

       4. Wash the night off

On evenings we use so many creams, masks and other things. That’s why it’s nice to take shower on morning or just wash hair. Fresh start every morning!

5. Delicious breakfast and something warm to drink

I don’t eat much on morning and usually it’s hour after I wake up. I don’t drink coffee, sometimes I will choose tea, but always I have glass of an orange juice or water with lemon. I have all those things when I am sitting on couch under fluffy blanket with still wet hair.

6. Turn on radio

If you still feel moody on morning, try to put some good music on 😉
It usually speeds up my morning routine, but dancing leaves quite a mess.

7. Candles, waxes, etc.

Lit your favourite candle. Make your home smell like heaven. Just make sure to blow it before you leave!That’s all! I hope your mornings will be much better from now on 😉

| Hello, I am Doctor! |

You know your relationship is going on a new level, when you decide for adoption.

Just joking!
But not so much, since in this post you will meet our little piggie, who we called Doctor.
It’s a guinea pig and he lives with us from 15thJanuary. So he had about a month when we got him.
Doctor is almost all in one colour (neither bronze, nor is ginger), he has white paw, nose and on the right side of body letter “Y”, which right now is less sharp since he is really greedy 😉
He is really active, even though he is by himself. Doctor is quite talkative and bright. It took him one month to learn which sounds means food time: opening fridge, paper bag sound or smacking. But be careful! If you try to trick him just to get attention be prepared for some back talking.
First we thought he is a foodpicker, but then we realised he just doesn’t like pepper/paprika.
But he loves parsley, carrots and apples which he can sniff from other room.
Don’t ask why did we call him Doctor, because there is no explanation 😀
I think he already got used to us, he definitely doesn’t like to be caressed too much or taken on hands. We still have to do it during the cleaning time. He never made a sounds of disagreement.
Have you ever had a guinea pig? If yes, make sure to write to me! If not, then tell me about your other pet or one which you would love to have 🙂