| Clothing wishlist – summer 2017 |

Summer is closer, so we slowly start to think about what we will wear. This time though I am thinking about it a little different. Thanks to my grandmother who in accident throw away all my summer clothes (don’t worry, I still love you! ?). Well, at least I am able to change few things and set some new outfits. That’s why I made this list.

First of all, jeans jacket. I try to find the perfect one for past few years in second hands, nice and oversized, so far no luck. It would be perfect for cosy and cool evenings, add hoodie under and rain will not disturb you anymore. The more natural color of denim, the better.

I am extra lazy in summer, that’s why I love dresses and onesies. They always look chic, even the simplest. And with some laces you will look girly and gentle. Well… Using bathroom isn’t the most comfortable thing to do then, but it is worth it.

I fell in love with baseball caps this spring. They are great on bad hair days, comfy and add some grunge to your look. Big yes!

I am always in need of swimwear. ALWAYS. I love to mix different bikinis. The least strings the better in case of sunbathing, but if you are going to get a little wild in water games, the more holding swimwear the better. You know what I mean ? Also I am in mood to get one piece swimwear. I think they are extremely cute for swimming pools when you are not into sunbathing.

I love to wear shorts on so many different occasions. Silky and girly for bike ride and shopping, or jeans and high waisted for night out. I need them!

Shirts off shoulder are my must have this year. They look gorgeous! Just remember to put some sunscreen ?

Last but not least – sport. Since I started to move a little bit more I also started to appreciate sports bra, especially if you hang with your head down. And of course my biggest love at the moment, Adidas pants with three stripes on sides (#slav).

Are you planning some shopping? Any special things? 😀

| My favourite clothing stores |

Sometimes we mustgo and buy some new clothes. I don’t know how about you, but I always end up in the same stores before I will check others. So today I will talk about my favourite clothing stores.

Monki is all about style. Grunge, vintage and 90’s are the best words to describe it. If you love mom jeans and oversized tops then you must check their website. The quality of clothes is really high and so are prices, but trust me, I am willing to pay more to make sure I get piece of clothes which will be with me for years. Their clothes are original and I just can’t get over my wool coat which I got before Christmas.
I think I was only once in their shop, but I am on their website every month. I love their paints which in my opinion are as good as those from H&M, just cheaper, and Tally Weijl, where is really hard to get proper size. Since I usually make bigger order in my collection you can find also their t-shirts. Sometimes they are not so perfect on photos so it is always good to check description to see what fabric was used to make it.
Classic H&M. I love their underwear and when I see huge word SALE I can feel my heart racing. Their bras are perfect, normal and soft. I usually start with going to this shop. In Denmark you can easly spot really good deals on sale which are not in really big or small sizes. There is always a year of a difference between Danish and Polish collection so I am ahead. So good! 🙂
I do also enjoy their beauty lines.


Sometimes I check Stradivarius’ website where I got my black leather jacket, and Tally Weijl. But I just love to check the stores I mentioned moment ago. I am happy with their products, with the quality and the prices. The delivery is fast and sometimes I have enough things to get it send for free.
What are your favourite shops? Do you prefer to do shopping online or maybe go and try in old school way? 🙂