| Make-up I love this summer |

I bet you also don’t like to wear too heavy make-up during hot days which is almost melting of your face. I don’t usually wear anything on my skin, but sometimes I simply am in mood to pimp myself up, and since I am going to the seaside soon where will be hot and colourful it would be a shame not too bring some make-up ?

That’s why I will show you what I like to use during hot summer days when I play in water and sunbath.

Waterproof mascara is obvious. I decided on one which I tried before so I wouldn’t be surprised with quality. I chose long lasting version of my favourite one with argan oil, Wonder`full Waterproof Mascara from Rimmel London. The brush is a little too big to go fast through my thick lashes but with a little bit time and love they look amazing and are non smudgeable. Let’s leave the panda look for Halloween ?

Brow products are the biggest part of my cosmetics. Gels, pomades, crayons, masacaras and markers. I have few of favourites which will hold even worst moments and give you natural or more dramatic look. But since it is all about me and travelling I focused on those which are travel friendly.

Favourite off all the time, marker Catrice Cosmetics Longlasting brow definer. The most longlasting product I own. I feel like if you put it on skin it almost go into it. Precise, doesn’t try in marker, easy to apply. I will buy more!
A bit less lasting are crayons I have. One from Golden Rose Longstay Precise browliner, precise and has a spooly to brush and soften look. Second one is jest Twist and shape from W7, which is different from previous because of the shape of product.
I have also something for those thick brows owners. Tinted mascaras are great for holding hairs in place and fill spots. I like two, Golden RoseBrow Color tinted eyebrow mascara which is in travel friendly sized and perfect spooly, and The queen of brows majestic brow mascara from W7, which is twice bigger than the other one.

Now let’s talk about some extra pop of colour.

I like two lip products, one which is extremely long lasting, even to 13 hours! Lip marker ultra lasting color from Golden Rose is the most amazing lip product I used in long time. It is almost like a tattoo on your lips, the only thing I wish would be different is the variety of colours. Right now they are really similar. If you look for bright, almost tattoo like product, which is really light weight you should go for it!
Second one can be used also like cream blush for those cheeks. Baby lips color balm crayon with moisturizing oils from Maybelline New York is great to keep those lips moisturize and with pop of colour, not the most long lasting, but really nice.

Time for eyes! I try to avoid foundation and bb creams in summer, but if you like to put some eyeshadow I think I may have something great. Color tattoo 24hr from Maybelline New York is great alternative for those nude pallets you have. Small jar of colour which you can apply with finger and brush with great coverage and matte finish. Water will not smudge it, it doesn’t roll into crease so they are great for warm days.

Last product I really like is a highlighter for face and body. I chose to take with me Shimmering Skin Perfector from BECCA. Nice glow, which you can build up and apply with fingers, easy to blend, package safe to travel with.

I am taking all those product with me. Do you have favourites like that? Or maybe you got interested in one of mine? ?

| Peek into make-up! – NYX |

Since I moved to Denmark I noticed how easy is to buy make-up. It is nicely presented in shops, all testers are clean and shop assistants actually know what they are doing. In simple drug store you can find cheaper, but also much more pricy and professional products.

Today I will take about some goodies from NYX.

First of all, my ultimate favourites. Lip products.
I fell in love with Lingerie because of formula and all the colours there are provided. They are matte and they are incredibly long-stay. I have two colours 02 Embellishment and 09 Corset. I am in desperate need of more!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream was my first liquid matte lipstick ever AND first product I ever got from this company. I love their smell, which is super sweet, they have lower opacity than previous one so it means it is good to use some liner under or work on it a little longer. My first colour was 20 Copenhagen (surprise! ?) and the new one, which is 13 Sydney.

Old-schooled lipsticks are also in my collection. First from Matte Lipstick in colour Natural and second I got from my close friend. They are both good, but still not my type. Summer love I use as lip gloss. I don’t know colour and what line from is the other one.

Powder foundation Stay matte but not flat (loves their names ?) is my summer choice, since they have some darker shades. It is really nice and light weight. Matte is gentle but still it works well. For normal skin type it will be great. I don’t know what colour I got, as you can say the package got a little bad.

I also was able to check their base Shine killer. I use mostly oil under my make-up, but when I know I will be wearing it long time, in nice weather I like to choose something stronger. Best thing about it – it doesn’t clogs my pores! It is nice in touch, almost silky and dry, yet not bad. You don’t need a lot for whole face and it dries on skin pretty fast. It leaves kinda powder feeling. It reduces shining but leaves healthy glow. I like to use Beauty blender to make sure it is pressed into skin.

Time to sum up!

I desire every single colour from Lingerie. They are perfect for every occasion, from shopping to night event. It is first time I see so many nudes shades.
Soft Matte Lip Cream are as good as the previous one, they are a little more transparent but their smell is amazing. They offer more colours than only nudes.
Traditional lipsticks are not for me, they don’t dry completely which may cause some troubles.
Powder and base are worth to try. Check foundation if you have perfect skin or on top of bb cream. Base do a magic trick to keep your make-up as you just put it on.

NYX got me with their lip products, yet still I wish to try their eyeliners and other face products. Right now I am really interested in lip line called Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and Ombre Lip Duo. They both look amazing. ?

Do you like NYX? What’s your favourite?

| Miracle in liquid form – The Body Shop facial oil |

In August will be a year since I started to pay attention to my moisturize routine. First I used quite strong facial cream from The Body Shop, but after few months I noticed it became too strong for my needs. After using it in night I still had film on my face on morning. It was time for a change.

The Body Shop is well known so I decided to relay on them again. I went and asked for something as good as cream I used before, but slightly weaker. I also wanted try something new. I decided on facial oil.

Description of product:

Infused with three precious seed oils and a blend of seven essential oils, we’ve created the Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil. The lightweight and quickly absorbing texture leaves a non-sticky finish, melting onto the skin, leaving it silky and soft. Instantly, skin appears smoother, more radiant, revived, revitalized and nourished. After 4 weeks, the signs of aging appear reduced, and skin feels more elastic and firm. We searched around the world and selected 3 precious seed oils known for their supreme revitalizing and repairing properties on skin:
Black Cumin Seed Oil from Egypt- known for its concentration in antioxidants
Rosehip Seed Oil from Chile- rich in repairing omega 3 and 6
Camellia Seed Oil from China- naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid

  • Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Pairs perfectly with our Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion and Intensely Revitalizing Cream

How does it really look?

I noticed change after the first use. My skin was gentle and nice in touch, it wasn’t greasy, yet still glowing. I noticed that redness was also reduced.

I met few opinions that smell is too strong, I don’t mind it, but I recommend to check it before buying the product.

How do I use it?

It’s recommended to use 1-2 drops or one extra at really dry skin. I follow the first rule. I clean my face as always and then I massage oil in face skin, neck and cleavage.

I also like to put one drop on my skin before applying make-up and base. Thanks to that everything blend perfectly and I noticed it helps to control my sebum during a day.

How much does it cost?

30 ml/ kr. 325,00
50 ml/ kr. 485,00

It is an oil, which make it almost impossible to use to last drop. The way the product looks make it feel and look expensive and rich. So I am not surprised about the price.

I think it is pretty good price for such a product. I encourage you to try it or asking about sample. It may be a good idea to ask about Spring of Youth?

| Beautyblender, yay or nay? |

Magic sponge which is taking over our cosmetic bags and hearts. Is it really as good as everyone say? Let’s check!

Beautyblender is egg-shaped sponge, which is supposed to give us perfect make-up. Effect HD, simple in use, in many colors and for £14. It’s made to apply liquid foundation and blending it in our skin. You can also use it for concealer and face contour. Perfect for baking. First you need to soak it in water to avoid sponge sucking in all your product. It’s really soft and easy to keep clean. Wash after every use and don’t worry by the next time you want to use it – it will be ready.
Many other brands made their own version of amazing sponge. And so I tried my first sponge from one of those companies.
I chose this for about £3. It looks a lot like the original Beautyblender, but still it is a little bit different. It is not as soft, it doesn’t absorb as much water and your product so it is also not as big as BB.
Next I tried spong from W7, which was for £3 and was horrible! Too stiff, didn’t absorb water at all and felt like I was hitting my face. Not cool!
Let’s forget about last one and focus on two before. I should choose the best one, but I can’t.
Donegal Sponge is perfect for liquid foundation, it applies smoothly, but it is hard to wash. Beautyblender is too soft me, it absorb quite a lot of my foundation. Little disclaimer, Donegal sponge was never used with the product I am using right now so I can’t compare it. Back to BB!
It is perfect after I apply my foundation with brush and then I just need it to blend it more in skin. It is amazing to apply powder if I need it. Born to bake!
Two sponges, two way of use. Right now I am happy with brush + BB but if I could I would love to buy some of the cheaper version just in case.
I don’t regret I have the original BB in my collection, but I hoped it would be much better.
If you have never used BB and the prices is a bit too high for you, try to get cheaper version. If you feel like it’s to hard then BB will be perfect for you. Just make sure you foundation is not too “liguidy” and sponge is ncie and wet.

| Foreo Luna replacement – Review |

There are many differents kind of face washing brushes, they differ by prices and types. You can use regular or this which needs power. The last one can also be rotatable or vibrating (sonic). Today I will talk about sonic one.

The most known is Foreo. The company offers few kinds of brushes (right now 4 versions), and the cheapest one is about £92 – version Go. Producer promises that brush is giving you gentle peeling and also is using anti-aging technology. It has few levels of vibration, which in my opinion will be really good for people with sensitive skin. Such a pity that „regular” version of Foreo Luna costs £174!
Before I tried rotable brush made by german copany which you can get in Rossmann. First I didn’t mind, but soon I notcied that even the soft brush is not so soft. It was cheap option, but really? Remember about batteries and heads for brush, I mean if it is even possible to buy them? I throw it away!
Second try was the most successful. I got FINENESS Pro FE-LR, which you can get on webstie empik.com for £22 (right now for £17; that’s how much I paid). It’s sonic brush, which is working the same way as Foreo Luna. It has few levels of vibration, cord to charge.
What does the producer promise?
sonic face brush
made of antibacterial silicone
made for face washing
V-Sonic technology adjustable way of working
great at reducing sebum and black heads
reduces size of pores, visibility of wrinkles and facial lines
works as peeling and make up removal
waterproof design
face massager while dry or cream applicator
perfect for every skin type

What’s different than in Foreo? More expensive one has brushes made for every skin type (different colors) and it may be different quality.
I am using it for almost 3 months now. On Foreo website it says that first you use cleanser on your face and then you use brush. How do I do it? First I wet my face, then I put gel directly on my brush and I wash my face. The biggest difference you will feel after first try, especially if you have never used something like that to clean your face. I also noticed there is no need to do peeling on my face (I do it every 2-3 weeks), pores are less visible and washing is really nice in general. Little massage. I didn’t try to use it to put cream on or just to massage. I also don’t think it can remove your make up until you use some kind of oil or micellar water and then use a brush (sometimes foundation can stain brush, usually it can wash off after some time). I would love to tell you have often I charged it but I still didn’t run out of battery 🙂
Am I happy I got it?
Of course! It works, looks adorable, battery seems to never run out and price is amazing. Some days ago I saw Foreo for one use (you have few washes and then when battery it out you should throw it away). I am tempted to try it. But what for when mine is great. I gave you links for both sites if you are interested.

Are you interested in? 🙂

| 2D lash extensions – Review |

I tried so many different types of mascaras, dyeing with henna and more than one lash curler. But you could always see imperfections. As a natural ashy blonde girl I have long lashes, but tips are blond, that’s why the seems short, also I have quite decent amount of them. That’s why I decided to try a lash extensions!

Let’s start by saying what means 2D, how much doest it cost and how long it should take to have them put on.
2D lash extensions means that to every single of your lashes you will have attached 2 extra. The color, length is of your choice. I chose the same length as my natural eyelashes, but the fact that they were black and beautifully curled make my eyes pop.
I paid £24 and putting them on should take about 1,5h. But not always. My first try took almost 3h, and refilling them 4h! I heard first time that the glue couldn’t cure or that I have so many lashes. I don’t complain, who doesn’t like to lay and relax 😉
To compare the same thing costs £90 in Denmark!!!

Left: 1st day; Right: After month
The beautician told me how to take care of my new lashes. For the first few days you may notice some fallouts, but that’s normal. All you have to do to keep them in good shape is brush them out at least once a day, clean with micellar water (or something what will not remove the glue) and do not use mascara. If you follow all the rules you have have amazing lashes for about 3 weeks.
After this time you should make an appointment for refill.
How does it really look?
When I had them for the first time I didn’t notice any fallouts for a really long time! I needed to refill them after 1,5 month! Before moving out to Denmark I decided to go, it was 30th November. And? After 2 weeksthey were gone… I have no idea what happened, I followed all the rules like before, I didn’t change my skin care products. This time I did notice fallouts even on the same day.

Left: 1,5 month; Right: Week before refill
As you can see they looked amazing, if you prefer something less visible or much more exclusive there are many options to choose from.
If you don’t like to use mascara wands as much as me, trying to separete every single eyelash without looking like a panda then this may be something for you. If you are not so sure how you will look then just buy some fake one and try them on 😉
Do I recommend them?
Yes! If prices would be lower in Denmark I would be still wearing them. I love a look of wonderful lashes with still such a little effort. Your face always look fresh and eyes are popping! I will make an appointment next time I visit Poland. 

| My shellac nails – Review |

Hands up if you have never heard about shellac nailpolish. Some of us fell in love with them, other not really. What do I think about it?

First shellac manicure I decided to makre just before my 18th birthday party, so in 2014. It was a new thing back then so no suprpise I didn’t like it. I choose simply one color, deep red and I paid about £16.I was really disappointed when withing a week they started to chip. I am not going to mention how imprecise the final look was.
After a whole year I gave it a chance again, this time I choose shop called Douglas, which used Semilac shellac nailpolishes. Still simple look, just with a little bit of shine, cost about £9.
Made by: Mariicure – Maria Bartoszek
Finally, it was time for a prom 🙂 I decided to extend my nails with gel, put on shellac and I was lucky to find a nice salon. After all expierence I was more than happy to see that there was not a single chip for a month (by this time I was still in hairdressing school so in touch with water most of the time)! As you may think, I decided to continue to do my nails there for a few months before I tried to do shellac by myself. It wasn’t that bad!
Just before moving out to Denmark I went to my favourite salon to spoil myself this last time (before the next visit in few months).
Made by me
Now, when I am in Denmark, I do my own nails. There are days when they are perfect and those where all imperfections are easy to spot. Still I trust my own hands much more than salons here. I saw some salons’ work and they looked like my 18th birthday nails but for price £51! That’s why I don’t mine few hours of me doing my own nails.
I am such a big fan of shellac. I think that perfect manicure lasting few weeks is really amazing and even though you can see some root peeking out after few days it still doesn’t look as bad as chipping nail polish.
Before you decide to try shellac nails, choose recommended place!
Now let me share with you my favourite colors from Semilac.
032 – Biscuit – such a gentle color for those chic ladies
087 – Glitter Indigo – deep indigo with a lot of sparkles
127 – Violet Cream – my first beloved one; perfect pastel lilac
140 – Little Stone – perfect nude color, no pink undertones (004 with pinkes)
148 – Night Euphoria – not a burgundy, not a purple; looks much different in person than online
150 – Hunter Queen – incredible color, looks different on every person
165 – Boyfriend jeans – I tried it twice, after curing color looks much better
That’s all! Most of those colors I got to know thanks to Maria which was doing my nails from the prom to now. You should check her work, mine Potterhead nails wasn’t even her best!
She also own a blog callej Pojmankowo dedicated mostly to mothers and mom-to-be.