| Beautyblender, yay or nay? |

Magic sponge which is taking over our cosmetic bags and hearts. Is it really as good as everyone say? Let’s check!

Beautyblender is egg-shaped sponge, which is supposed to give us perfect make-up. Effect HD, simple in use, in many colors and for £14. It’s made to apply liquid foundation and blending it in our skin. You can also use it for concealer and face contour. Perfect for baking. First you need to soak it in water to avoid sponge sucking in all your product. It’s really soft and easy to keep clean. Wash after every use and don’t worry by the next time you want to use it – it will be ready.
Many other brands made their own version of amazing sponge. And so I tried my first sponge from one of those companies.
I chose this for about £3. It looks a lot like the original Beautyblender, but still it is a little bit different. It is not as soft, it doesn’t absorb as much water and your product so it is also not as big as BB.
Next I tried spong from W7, which was for £3 and was horrible! Too stiff, didn’t absorb water at all and felt like I was hitting my face. Not cool!
Let’s forget about last one and focus on two before. I should choose the best one, but I can’t.
Donegal Sponge is perfect for liquid foundation, it applies smoothly, but it is hard to wash. Beautyblender is too soft me, it absorb quite a lot of my foundation. Little disclaimer, Donegal sponge was never used with the product I am using right now so I can’t compare it. Back to BB!
It is perfect after I apply my foundation with brush and then I just need it to blend it more in skin. It is amazing to apply powder if I need it. Born to bake!
Two sponges, two way of use. Right now I am happy with brush + BB but if I could I would love to buy some of the cheaper version just in case.
I don’t regret I have the original BB in my collection, but I hoped it would be much better.
If you have never used BB and the prices is a bit too high for you, try to get cheaper version. If you feel like it’s to hard then BB will be perfect for you. Just make sure you foundation is not too “liguidy” and sponge is ncie and wet.

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