| Foreo Luna replacement – Review |

There are many differents kind of face washing brushes, they differ by prices and types. You can use regular or this which needs power. The last one can also be rotatable or vibrating (sonic). Today I will talk about sonic one.

The most known is Foreo. The company offers few kinds of brushes (right now 4 versions), and the cheapest one is about £92 – version Go. Producer promises that brush is giving you gentle peeling and also is using anti-aging technology. It has few levels of vibration, which in my opinion will be really good for people with sensitive skin. Such a pity that „regular” version of Foreo Luna costs £174!
Before I tried rotable brush made by german copany which you can get in Rossmann. First I didn’t mind, but soon I notcied that even the soft brush is not so soft. It was cheap option, but really? Remember about batteries and heads for brush, I mean if it is even possible to buy them? I throw it away!
Second try was the most successful. I got FINENESS Pro FE-LR, which you can get on webstie empik.com for £22 (right now for £17; that’s how much I paid). It’s sonic brush, which is working the same way as Foreo Luna. It has few levels of vibration, cord to charge.
What does the producer promise?
sonic face brush
made of antibacterial silicone
made for face washing
V-Sonic technology adjustable way of working
great at reducing sebum and black heads
reduces size of pores, visibility of wrinkles and facial lines
works as peeling and make up removal
waterproof design
face massager while dry or cream applicator
perfect for every skin type

What’s different than in Foreo? More expensive one has brushes made for every skin type (different colors) and it may be different quality.
I am using it for almost 3 months now. On Foreo website it says that first you use cleanser on your face and then you use brush. How do I do it? First I wet my face, then I put gel directly on my brush and I wash my face. The biggest difference you will feel after first try, especially if you have never used something like that to clean your face. I also noticed there is no need to do peeling on my face (I do it every 2-3 weeks), pores are less visible and washing is really nice in general. Little massage. I didn’t try to use it to put cream on or just to massage. I also don’t think it can remove your make up until you use some kind of oil or micellar water and then use a brush (sometimes foundation can stain brush, usually it can wash off after some time). I would love to tell you have often I charged it but I still didn’t run out of battery 🙂
Am I happy I got it?
Of course! It works, looks adorable, battery seems to never run out and price is amazing. Some days ago I saw Foreo for one use (you have few washes and then when battery it out you should throw it away). I am tempted to try it. But what for when mine is great. I gave you links for both sites if you are interested.

Are you interested in? 🙂

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