| 2D lash extensions – Review |

I tried so many different types of mascaras, dyeing with henna and more than one lash curler. But you could always see imperfections. As a natural ashy blonde girl I have long lashes, but tips are blond, that’s why the seems short, also I have quite decent amount of them. That’s why I decided to try a lash extensions!

Let’s start by saying what means 2D, how much doest it cost and how long it should take to have them put on.
2D lash extensions means that to every single of your lashes you will have attached 2 extra. The color, length is of your choice. I chose the same length as my natural eyelashes, but the fact that they were black and beautifully curled make my eyes pop.
I paid £24 and putting them on should take about 1,5h. But not always. My first try took almost 3h, and refilling them 4h! I heard first time that the glue couldn’t cure or that I have so many lashes. I don’t complain, who doesn’t like to lay and relax 😉
To compare the same thing costs £90 in Denmark!!!

Left: 1st day; Right: After month
The beautician told me how to take care of my new lashes. For the first few days you may notice some fallouts, but that’s normal. All you have to do to keep them in good shape is brush them out at least once a day, clean with micellar water (or something what will not remove the glue) and do not use mascara. If you follow all the rules you have have amazing lashes for about 3 weeks.
After this time you should make an appointment for refill.
How does it really look?
When I had them for the first time I didn’t notice any fallouts for a really long time! I needed to refill them after 1,5 month! Before moving out to Denmark I decided to go, it was 30th November. And? After 2 weeksthey were gone… I have no idea what happened, I followed all the rules like before, I didn’t change my skin care products. This time I did notice fallouts even on the same day.

Left: 1,5 month; Right: Week before refill
As you can see they looked amazing, if you prefer something less visible or much more exclusive there are many options to choose from.
If you don’t like to use mascara wands as much as me, trying to separete every single eyelash without looking like a panda then this may be something for you. If you are not so sure how you will look then just buy some fake one and try them on 😉
Do I recommend them?
Yes! If prices would be lower in Denmark I would be still wearing them. I love a look of wonderful lashes with still such a little effort. Your face always look fresh and eyes are popping! I will make an appointment next time I visit Poland. 

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