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Hands up if you have never heard about shellac nailpolish. Some of us fell in love with them, other not really. What do I think about it?

First shellac manicure I decided to makre just before my 18th birthday party, so in 2014. It was a new thing back then so no suprpise I didn’t like it. I choose simply one color, deep red and I paid about £16.I was really disappointed when withing a week they started to chip. I am not going to mention how imprecise the final look was.
After a whole year I gave it a chance again, this time I choose shop called Douglas, which used Semilac shellac nailpolishes. Still simple look, just with a little bit of shine, cost about £9.
Made by: Mariicure – Maria Bartoszek
Finally, it was time for a prom 🙂 I decided to extend my nails with gel, put on shellac and I was lucky to find a nice salon. After all expierence I was more than happy to see that there was not a single chip for a month (by this time I was still in hairdressing school so in touch with water most of the time)! As you may think, I decided to continue to do my nails there for a few months before I tried to do shellac by myself. It wasn’t that bad!
Just before moving out to Denmark I went to my favourite salon to spoil myself this last time (before the next visit in few months).
Made by me
Now, when I am in Denmark, I do my own nails. There are days when they are perfect and those where all imperfections are easy to spot. Still I trust my own hands much more than salons here. I saw some salons’ work and they looked like my 18th birthday nails but for price £51! That’s why I don’t mine few hours of me doing my own nails.
I am such a big fan of shellac. I think that perfect manicure lasting few weeks is really amazing and even though you can see some root peeking out after few days it still doesn’t look as bad as chipping nail polish.
Before you decide to try shellac nails, choose recommended place!
Now let me share with you my favourite colors from Semilac.
032 – Biscuit – such a gentle color for those chic ladies
087 – Glitter Indigo – deep indigo with a lot of sparkles
127 – Violet Cream – my first beloved one; perfect pastel lilac
140 – Little Stone – perfect nude color, no pink undertones (004 with pinkes)
148 – Night Euphoria – not a burgundy, not a purple; looks much different in person than online
150 – Hunter Queen – incredible color, looks different on every person
165 – Boyfriend jeans – I tried it twice, after curing color looks much better
That’s all! Most of those colors I got to know thanks to Maria which was doing my nails from the prom to now. You should check her work, mine Potterhead nails wasn’t even her best!
She also own a blog callej Pojmankowo dedicated mostly to mothers and mom-to-be.

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